Artificial intelligence-based investments in digital assets

Investment instruments of the modern high-tech world
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Intelfin Global Opportunities

  • Arbitrage pool bot

    Arbitrage bot pool

    up to 22,4% per month

    The arbitrage bot helps you buy and sell an asset in fractions of a second, making a profit on the difference in altcoin prices between exchanges

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  • Hybrid pool bot

    Hybrid bot pool

    up to 19,6% per month

    A hybrid bot combines several strategies at once and, depending on the market situation, launches the appropriate algorithm

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  • Liquidity pools

    Liquidity pools

    up to 12% per month

    Touch the latest DeFi technologies and start earning by participating in liquidity pools

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Intelfin offers new types of investment in digital assets
that are available for everyone

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Intelfin is

  • 15,000+

    We provide information support in asset management to more than 15,000 clients worldwide
  • More than 1700%

    profit in 10 years
    Intelfin algorithms have earned more than 1700% of the profit for 10 years for our clients
  • 110+

    active algorithms
    For all time, we have developed over 110 algorithms, which allowed us to achieve monthly profitability of 30%
  • $83,000,000

    insurance fund
    A decentralized insurance fund of Intelfin Global Group, valued at $83 million as of 2022, protects assets of ecosystem participants

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Intelfin Reviews
Intelfin Reviews
Intelfin Reviews
Intelfin Reviews
Intelfin Reviews
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Advantages of the Intelfin multiplatform

  • Technology

    Innovative proven technology

    Uses hybrid intelligence, which provides super-speed and efficiency of order execution

  • Interface

    User-friendly interface

    Use the superiority of the multiplatform and get profit simply and confidently with the help of an intuitive system

  • Support

    Support of specialists

    As a user of the platform, consult with a personal manager and get answers to all your questions at any time, 24/7, without weekends and holidays

  • Trading non-stop

    Trading in non-stop mode

    The automatic system works without interruptions, allowing you to earn every day

  • Secure

    Safety and reliability

    We know how the market lives, and we develop each algorithm taking into account all current requirements.

  • Algorythms

    Power and Accuracy

    Intelfin algorithms use all available coins, tracking accurate prices to form optimal positions at a specific time

Stop wasting your time.
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The automated Intelfin system instantly reacts to market movements, making dispassionate movements aimed at obtaining the maximum possible profit, using every opportunity

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About us

Intelfin Group has been on the investment market for more than 9 years. Our company's activities are based on algorithmization of investment processes, algotrading, HFT, arbitration.

For a long time, we have been providing effective tools for mutual funds, government loans, Eurobonds, investment in pension funds. But the modern world dictates its own rules – many tools that were effective before cease to generate income. Since 2020, global inflation has increased from 6 to 30%, depending on the country.

Which makes any investment with a yield of less than 30 - 40% per year a loss of your finances.

Do you want to personally verify the effectiveness of investments in digital products? Take a look at the official data, the figures speak for themselves!

Why is it worth investing in cryptocurrency?

  • The scale of the use of cryptocurrencies is constantly expanding, including at the state level
  • Today, the largest online stores accept bitcoin, developing a digital currency
  • It is necessary to invest now since bitcoin and other digital currencies do not succumb to the pressure of states
  • You do not need to pay extra for storing coins, as is the case with deposits or bank accounts. Cryptocurrency is decentralized and anonymous

Features of the Intelfin multiplatform

  • Passive income<

    Passive income

    Get passive income using the services of automated pools managed by hybrid and arbitrage bots

  • Automated periodic systems

    Automated periodic systems

    You can activate one or several multiplatform services at once, getting a profit without the need for deep immersion in routine processes

  • Power and Accuracy

    Power and Accuracy

    Intelfin algorithms use all available coins, tracking accurate prices to form optimal positions at a specific time

  • Risk reduction

    Risk reduction

    Our platform is based on a unique method that makes low-risk investments with a high level of profitability available

  • Data protection

    Data protection

    You have full control of overactive services through your devices – none of the assets are stored on the platform

  • All features in one system

    All features in one system

    Start generating a decent profit using all the advantages of modern technologies

By making a decision now, you are securing a successful future for yourself today!

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  • Philip Logan

    United States

    Hello everyone! I have been investing in various projects for a long time, and recently, I decided to explore cryptocurrency investment through the Intelfin platform. After careful consideration, I opted for the arbitrage bot due to its attractive strategy and impressive profitability. And now, I am extremely satisfied with my decision!

  • Gustav Aspaas


    I'm thrilled to have discovered this fantastic investment platform! It's incredibly user-friendly, and with the help of artificial intelligence, managing my investments is a breeze. I'd also like to express my gratitude towards the technical support team for taking the time to understand my investment goals and recommending reinvestment as a way to maximize profits.

  • Oscar Chiellini


    It has been over six months since I activated Arbitrage and Hybrid bots, and their profitability has exceeded my expectations. The reinvestment is doing its job well! I highly recommend these bots to anyone seeking new opportunities for passive income or looking to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

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